• Judo in the world today

Judo in the world today

The World's Judo population is growing! This section features students of Judo from around the world, and they tell us what attracts them to Judo.

Hong Kong, China

Home-country flags of Judo students decorate the Judo dojo in the international city of Hong Kong.
Mr. To Peichung enjoys the bond of "mental discipline" shared with dojo comrades of varied nationalities and occupations.
Mr. To Peichung
Cantonese, English, and Mandarin are all heard in this bustling international dojo, but, regardless of their language, all stop to perform the same bow before stepping out of the dojo. Seiza meditation, and cleaning. Beginning and ending with "Rei" (a bow). Testing one's strength while showing respect for the opponent. It's all there in Hong Kong, just like in Japan.Continued

Sidney, Australia

"Because kids are quick to take interest in new sports ... "
Azita promotes the spread of Judo in sports-rich Australia.
Ms. Azita Karpour
Australians have a special fondness for sports, and this is reflected in the wide variety of sports practiced there. Sports clubs in Australia are more than simply places for competition; they also play an important role as social gathering places.Continued

San Paulo, Brazil

"I want to start a Judo school to help underprivileged children," says Vania, who's working toward a dream while still an active competitor.
Ms. Sachie Vania Ishii
Vania founded the "PROJETO KIAI", and volunteers her time to teach Judo. She trains at the largest and most famous club in South America, and has twice competed in the Olympics.Continued

Los Angeles, United States

Little Michael does a cool Seoi-nage. "I like the excitement I feel after a throw."
2nd grader Michael Burch
Judo is riding the crest of a recent combative sports wave. 2nd grader Michael's first reaction to seeing a friend performing Judo was, "Cool!", and he was instantly captivated. What's the secret behind a Judo school's popularity in Los Angeles, source of so many world trends?Continued

Paris, France

Eric, son of Bernard Pariset, the man who sparked a Judo boom ...
"Japanese Judo is a beautiful thing to see! I can't get enough of it."
Mr. Eric Pariset
France boasts a Judo population that is roughly 4 times that of Japan. We're told that the aspects of Judo most admired by the Latin-blooded French are its discipline and severity. When performing Judo's basic bow, many children can't help but laugh with embarrassment.Continued

Casablanca, Morocco

"The ability to throw even a very large opponent is intriguing," says Mr Naqouss, Morocco's No.1 coach.
Mr. Naqouss
Despite the trendy "topple and roll" maneuvers of today's world Judo, Mr. Naqouss teaches his students Waza based solidly on Judos traditional "bring to the shoulder", "spring", and "reap" techniques. What does Judo practice look like in Morocco's modern city of Casablanca?Continued