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Judo Therapy: Overview of Taping Treatments

Judo Therapy: Overview of Taping Treatments

Taping treatments are a relatively new treatment method.
Taping treatments are used not only to treat an injury but also to prevent injuries. Taping is especially gaining attention in the world of sports, and many players are using taping before participating in sports to prevent injury.
The purpose of taping includes:

  • Fixing joints to protect skeletal alignment,
  • Limit joint motion and prevent damage from forced movement, and
  • In cases of sudden trauma, to compress the injured area to prevent bleeding from capillary vessels and ease pain.

Advantages of taping include:

  • Altering the taping to the patient's symptoms and size,
  • Preventing injury and avoiding aggravation of symptoms, and
  • Moderation of pain.

Taping treatments use tape made of various materials. Different wrapping methods and application methods are used to utilize the features of each tape type. For example, there are methods of application which support tendon and muscle movement to prevent injury and prevent aggravation, wrapping methods which fix joints, and wrapping methods which compress the afflicted area to prevent bleeding and pain.
Taping treatments are categorized according to purpose, and research on this treatment is still underway.