Kodokan hall of fame

Takejiro Yuasa

Date of birth: 
July, 1871
Place of origin: 
Ushigome-ku, Tokyo
6th Dan
September, 1883
Enters Kodokan
September, 1886
1st Dan
June, 1891
3rd Dan
January, 1899
4th Dan
August, 1904
5th Dan
February, 1928
6th Dan
Takejiro Yuasa

Takejiro Yuasa was raised and educated by Jigoro Kano and his wife, and he formally entered Kodokan at its founding in September of 1883 as a student of literature and Judo.
Desiring to join the navy, he entered the Naval Academy in 1889, and following his graduation in July of 1892, he was assigned to duty in the naval fleet.
During the Russo-Japanese War (1904 to 1905), the Japanese fleet attempted to sink a ship in the mouth of Lüshun port in order to trap the Russian fleet in the port. Replacing the deceased Lieutenant Commander Hirose, Lieutenant Yuasa (Itsukushima Gunnery Chief) participated in the third attack as commander of the Sagami-maru, and he too was tragically killed by enemy canon fire on May 3, 1904 as he advanced into the mouth of the port. He was hailed as a hero and a model for all military personnel, and was granted a posthumous promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and enshrined as military god.
In honor of his service, Jigoro Kano awarded him a posthumous promotion to the rank of 5th Dan on April 8, 1904, and then to 6th Dan on December 2, 1905, following verification of death in battle.

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