Kodokan hall of fame

Yoshitsugu Yamashita

Date of birth: 
February 16, 1865
Place of origin: 
Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
10th Dan
August, 1884
Enters Kodokan
November, 1884
1st Dan
June, 1885
2nd Dan
September, 1885
3rd Dan
May, 1886
4th Dan
January, 1893
5th Dan
January, 1898
6th Dan
October, 1904
7th Dan
March, 1920
8th Dan
April, 1930
9th Dan
October, 1935
10th Dan
Yoshitsugu Yamashita

Yoshitsugu Yamashita was the son of an Odawara Han martial arts instructor, and he entered Kodokan in August of 1884.
He became a Kodokan supervisor in 1885, a part-time Judo instructor at Tokyo Imperial University in 1888, supporter of the Jujutsu department for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in 1889, and part-time instructor at Keio University.
In order to promote Judo overseas, he went to the United States in September of 1903, and gave Judo instruction to over 2,000 people, including President Theodore D. Roosevelt. He returned to Japan in 1907 and took positions at the Tokyo Advanced Teachers Training School and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
In 1913, he became the first chairman of the Dai Nippon Shido-kai which unified Tokyo's local dojos. After a lifetime of teaching, Mr. Yamashita died on October 26, 1935 at the age of 71.
At the memorial ceremony held at Kodokan, Jigoro Kano posthumously awarded Mr. Yamashita the 10th Dan rank as of October 24th, making Mr. Yamashita the first holder of the Kodokan 10th Dan rank in recognition of his service.

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