Kodokan hall of fame

Shiro Saigo

Date of birth: 
January 4, 1866
Place of origin: 
Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
6th Dan
Enters Kodokan
August, 1883
1st Dan
November, 1883
2nd Dan
August, 1885
4th Dan
January, 1889
5th Dan
January, 1923
6th Dan
Shiro Saigo

Shiro Saigo was the third son of Teijiro Shida, an Aizu-han vassal. He was raised in Tsugawa-machi, and came to Tokyo in 1882 to enter Kodokan.
In 1884, he was adopted by Tanomo Saigo, chief retainer of the Aizu Han, and his name was changed to Shiro Hoshina. In 1888, he restored the abolished house of the Saigo family to reestablish the Saigo Clan, and his name was changed again to Shiro Saigo. Mr. Saigo was placed in charge of Jigoro Kano's dojo when Jigoro was away. Diligent in training, he possessed excellent techniques, the most spectacular being his Yama-arashi (mountain storm), known as the "coup de grace" technique.
In May of 1890, he took leave of the Kodokan while Jigoro was abroad, and submitted an article to the "Toyo Hinode Shinbun" newspaper in Nagasaki which advocated Judo, swimming, and Japanese archery.
On December 23, 1922, Mr. Saigo died in Onomichi city where he'd gone to recuperate. He was 57 years old.
Upon receiving news of his death, Jigoro Kano awarded him a posthumous promotion to the 6th Dan on January 14, 1923, with the words, "None of the many I've taught could match him in the Waza he excelled at".

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