Kodokan hall of fame

Shuichi Nagaoka

Date of birth: 
September 17, 1876
Place of origin: 
Okayama City. Okayama Prefecture
10th Dan
January, 1893
Enters Kodokan
September, 1894
1st Dan
April, 1895
2nd Dan
April, 1896
3rd Dan
January, 1898
4th Dan
January, 1899
5th Dan
October, 1904
6th Dan
January, 1912
7th Dan
March, 1920
8th Dan
April, 1930
9th Dan
December, 1937
10th Dan
Shuichi Nagaoka

Shuichi Nagaoka studied the Kito-ryu style in Okayama under Kensaburo Noda. He came to Tokyo in 1892 and entered Kodokan in January of 1893.
He subsequently taught Judo at the First Higher School, as well as in other schools in Tokyo.
In order to promote Judo in the Kansai area, he moved to Kobe in 1902, and taught at the Hyogo Prefecture Police Training School. In 1903, he taught at the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Headquarters, and in 1912, he taught at the Bujutsu Senmon Gakko. Mr. Nagaoka assisted Mr. Isogai in promoting the development of Judo in the Kansai region.
In May of 1913, he was invited by Jigoro Kano to serve as a Kodokan coach. He also taught at the Tokyo Advanced Teachers Training School, and served as a Judo instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and at Chuo University. After working hard to promote Judo, Mr. Nagaoka died on November 22, 1952 at the age of 77.

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