Kodokan hall of fame

Sumiyuki Kotani

Date of birth: 
August 3, 1903
Place of origin: 
Hyogo Prefecture
10th Dan
November, 1921
Enters Kodokan
January, 1922
1st Dan
October, 1922
2nd Dan
July, 1924
3rd Dan
December, 1924
4th Dan
October, 1927
5th Dan
July, 1932
6th Dan
December, 1937
7th Dan
May, 1945
8th Dan
November, 1962
9th Dan
April, 1984
10th Dan
Sumiyuki Kotani

After graduating from the Tokyo Advanced Teachers Training School, Sumiyuki Kotani entered Kodokan in November of 1921.
He subsequently won the Meiji Shrine Championships in 1926, and competed impressively in the "Fukuoka Prefecture vs. Kumamoto Prefecture" and the "Fukuoka Prefecture vs. Manchuria Railway" competitions.
His striking employment history includes serving as an instructor at the Fifth Higher School, as physical education dept. chief in the Manchurian government, as director and general director of the Manchuria Railway, as director, national committee member, and advisor to the Nippon Athletic Association, as teacher at the Ministry of Justice, as director, vice chairman, and advisor for the All Japan Judo Federation, as chairman of the Budogakkai, and as high advisor and board of trustees member for the Kodokan Dojo.
During this time he also taught Judo in various countries, and in 1933 he accompanied Jigoro Kano to various European countries to teach Judo.
He also authored several books such as "Judo Yawa (Judo Night Tales)", "Judo no Kata (Judo and Kata) ", "Judo Ichiro (The Judo Way)", etc.

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