Glossary of Judo terminology

Kodokan (Judo institute in Tokyo where Judo was founded)

Kodokan  (Judo institute in Tokyo where Judo was founded)

The term, "Judo", currently refers to Kodokan Judo. Judo was started by Jigoro Kano in the year 1882 in a small 12-mat training room at the on the grounds of the Eishoji Temple in the Higashi Ueno area of Taito-ku, Tokyo. From a beginning with only 5 or 6 students, Judo clubs were soon being incorporated into schools, and Judo training was also adopted by police departments, as well as by the military, private companies, and local sports training halls.
Around this time, realizing that the precepts of Judo could be used to improve people's lives, and even to contribute to world peace, Jigoro began working to promote Judo abroad.
In 1951 , the European Judo Federation changed its name to the International Judo Federation, and in 1964, Judo was adopted as an official event at the Tokyo Olympiad. Kodokan Judo had become a global sport.