Glossary of Judo terminology

Regulations for female competitors

Regulations for female competitors

There are no prohibited items specific to women's Judo competitions. The rules for the men's general and junior competitions also apply to the women. Although there are no rules relating specifically to Waza, there are rules which pertain to the uniform due to the female body characteristics. Here too, the Kodokan rules differ somewhat from the IJF rules.

Prohibited items from the "fundamental knowledge" standpoint

[Kodokan contest rules]
○ Women must wear a short-sleeved, round-neck shirt (white) underneath their uniform.
○ Black belts used by women must have a white line (1/5 of belt width) which runs lengthwise along the center of the belt.
[IJF (International Judo Federation)]
○ Women must wear either of the following beneath their uniform:
  • A short-sleeved T-shirt: The T-shirt must be of sturdy fabric which can be tucked into the waist of the pants, and must white or close to white.
  • Leotard: Must be white or close to white with no background pattern.
○ There are rules concerning the belt.

In women's competitions within Japan which are held under the IJF rules, women customarily wear the black belt which has the centered white line.