Glossary of Judo waza (techniques) terms

Hadaka-jime (Naked strangle)

Hadaka-jime (Naked strangle)


This Shime waza (strangling techniques) is applied instantaneously.

Features of this Waza

The Hadaka-jime (Naked strangle) Waza consists of applying pressure directly to the opponent's neck without using his uniform for that purpose.

Waza details

When unable to grasp Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) collar, Tori (Player executing technique) can place an arm around Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) throat, clasp that arm with his other hand, and use his upper arm to strangle Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack). When Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) waist is lowered, or when he is supine or prone, Tori (Player executing technique) moves in from behind and wraps one arm around Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) throat.
Tori (Player executing technique) then bends his elbow and uses his other hand to clasp the hand that he placed around Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) neck.

Waza usage tip

  • Tori (Player executing technique) pulls his clasped hands firmly toward his own chest to pull Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) snugly against him, then uses his cheek and jaw to increase the strangling pressure. The Hadaka-jime (Naked strangle) Waza is executed instantaneously, and a combatant must be on guard against it anytime the opponent moves behind him. Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) can attempt to escape this Waza by pulling his neck and using both hands to break Tori (Player executing technique) hold, or he can twist his body, or pull on Tori (Player executing technique) sleeve while thrusting his head against Tori (Player executing technique) side.