• Token Judo characters

Token Judo characters

Introducing the Token Judo characters, Gosuke, Gota, Jude, and Mary

Gosuke & Gota
This is Gota's strict father and coach whose motto was, "Because I loved my child, I threw him into a bottomless ravine".
But having been well trained in Ukemi, Gota would have been unhurt even if he had taken such a spill. "That's my boy."
Gota has made rapid progress under the strict instruction of his father. "You must go into the tiger's den to get the gold medal."
Gota now faces the world's strongest without fear. "Father, I will be the world's No.1!"

And the rivals

Jude & Jude
He came from France to learn the heart of Japan.
He coolly goes for the Ippon.
Focus only on Judo!!
But he has an eye for the girls, too, being of that age.
Her contests captivate both men and women. Even her opponents aren't immune to her charms!
She makes an Ippon look easy.
"Come on, give me a fight!"